Six Twenty-One

Yesterday was a nightmare. Sometimes it’s just very difficult to be a single mom. I’m very thankful for the flexibility that my job allows me, but I know life would be “easier” if I just tossed my son into daycare and worked normal hours. I’d be able to do all the things I want toContinue reading “Six Twenty-One”

New Year of Posts

I can’t very well continue to count which day I’m on; I’ve skipped 4 total days since hitting my one year. The first one was day 367, and the second was 3 consecutive days earlier this month for my dads 70th birthday! It’s been a while since I’d gone out of town and it wasContinue reading “New Year of Posts”


First of all, my bad. I went through some personal crud and stopped caring about my writing. Now that I’m all better (for writing purposes; I’m always a work-in-progress) I feel like I can write again. I done did it! Every single day. 20 minutes minimum. For an entire year. I rode through (minor) injuries,Continue reading “3.6.5”

Day 142 & 143 – One Year Spin

I have not been good about writing the last week, have I? Oops! The 45 minute ride on Friday was pretty great. I felt energized and hydrated. Also, look at that! Top 50% 😄 I went to Target and bought additional dumbbells on Friday so I could start working with heavier weights. All I hadContinue reading “Day 142 & 143 – One Year Spin”

Day 138 – One Year Spin

Happy Sunday, everyone! I decided to finally try to keep consistent with strength workouts again. Correction, upper body strength workouts. I tried to do some lower body and my legs were so fatigued from the workout that cycling felt terrible, so I didn’t keep up with it. I’m not very knowledgeable about nutrition; I knowContinue reading “Day 138 – One Year Spin”

Day 136 & 137 – One Year Spin

I feel FANTASTIC! But, before that explanation, here is yesterday. I wanted something moderate, not too easy but not too hard. This was pretty fun! I didn’t love all the songs, but power zone classes are distracting enough to keep within the zone that the music doesn’t entirely matter. It was probably necessary to keepContinue reading “Day 136 & 137 – One Year Spin”

Day 134 & 135

I can’t even describe how exhausted (but happy) I am right now, so I’ll keep this one brief! The AT class was tough, it was the first AT HIIT ride I’ve taken and he didn’t disappoint. The second ride, as you probably could have guessed, is way outside the norm for me. Nothing against CodyContinue reading “Day 134 & 135”

Day 132 & 133 – One Year Spin

Hi guys, happy Tuesday! This is going to be a great week… I’m taking my son to the Magic Kingdom on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited! Just me and my boy – my favorite days. Here are yesterday’s rides: I actually got the “20 week streak” achievement on that first ride and didn’tContinue reading “Day 132 & 133 – One Year Spin”

Day 131 – One Year Spin

I feel a little bit disappointed this weekend. Last weekend I turned 32 and rode 32 miles. This weekend I’ve done less time on the bike than just that one day. I do think I know the problem, though: lack of sleep. I’ll sleep eventually. 😂 You know I love the sweat steady rides, andContinue reading “Day 131 – One Year Spin”