Day 142 & 143 – One Year Spin

I have not been good about writing the last week, have I? Oops! The 45 minute ride on Friday was pretty great. I felt energized and hydrated. Also, look at that! Top 50% 😄 I went to Target and bought additional dumbbells on Friday so I could start working with heavier weights. All I hadContinue reading “Day 142 & 143 – One Year Spin”

Day 136 & 137 – One Year Spin

I feel FANTASTIC! But, before that explanation, here is yesterday. I wanted something moderate, not too easy but not too hard. This was pretty fun! I didn’t love all the songs, but power zone classes are distracting enough to keep within the zone that the music doesn’t entirely matter. It was probably necessary to keepContinue reading “Day 136 & 137 – One Year Spin”

126 & 127 – One Year Spin

Oops, I didn’t post yesterday! I’ve been getting a lot done around the house and taking care of a lot of things and I might’ve forgotten.. forgive me? Here’s what I did yesterday. It’s weird because it’s 45 minutes of sustained intervals at zones 3 and 4 levels, but I don’t feel completely beat atContinue reading “126 & 127 – One Year Spin”

Day 121 – One Year Spin

I didn’t sleep well last night and man could I feel it when I got on the bike. I get so sluggish, it made me feel really sad. I remember thinking about how I could have done better, and then I thought about how differently I take those things to heart. When I do wellContinue reading “Day 121 – One Year Spin”

Day 117 – One Year Spin

Today was one of those days where I had unlimited time to do whatever I wanted, and I chose to spend an hour and 20 minutes of that time on the bike! AT’s ride was a tough one but I loved it. I always love Club Bangers. I felt like this ride was more difficultContinue reading “Day 117 – One Year Spin”

Day 114 – One Year Spin

I went for a longer Power Zone Max ride today! It went so well. The hard thing about the PZ classes is that since you stay in your own individual power zones, you can’t really pay attention to the leaderboard rankings. Your designated output is going to be very different than everyone else’s, so youContinue reading “Day 114 – One Year Spin”

Day 102 – One Year Spin

Well, today is my day off! I either have been over-exercising, not sleeping enough, not eating enough, or some combination of the three, but I was seriously lacking energy today. Or maybe I’m dehydrated? All of the above. Have a great Friday night! ❤️ xoxo, Sarah

Day 101 – One Year Spin

Happy Friday Eve you guys! I did not do as much on the Peloton as I wanted, but I felt fatigued today. I slept, which was amazing, but not enough to really catch up. I felt great this morning but as the day has gone on I lost a lot of my steam. Oh well,Continue reading “Day 101 – One Year Spin”

DAY 100! – One Year Spin

Wow, guys! 100 days! I honestly feel so happy that I started doing this 100 days ago. I read somewhere that your actions today need to be for the person you want to be one year from now, and I finally feel like I did that! I have never done anything like this in myContinue reading “DAY 100! – One Year Spin”

Peloton Bike versus Bike+ (from someone who had both)

In my previous life (pre-affair/divorce/baby) I wasn’t very good with money, nor with patience. I realize that buying a Peloton in the first place isn’t the cheapest way to exercise, but that’s beside the point. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it regularly (I’ve never done that with previous “cheaper” equipment) andContinue reading “Peloton Bike versus Bike+ (from someone who had both)”