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Ain’t it the truth?

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I think I buy one of these cups every single month. And soon I’ll have a cabinet full of them. Not sorry.

When I first started riding the Peloton, I made a joke about how my butt bones hurt worse than when I gave birth. These shorts, while lumpy in all the wrong places (unless you have zero body fat), fixed me right up. I can currently ride without them for a few days… but why? Give these a shot and tell me what you think!

I don’t wear these shorts on the peloton as they do tend to ride up, but they are so nice for the rest of the day! I normally have an issue where they cut in on your legs because my quads are pretty big, but these don’t. Super comfy.

I set it on my desk that’s next to my Peloton (yes, I work and sleep and exercise all in my bedroom) and I usually finish all 32oz when I’m on there for 45 minutes! They’re the same quality as yeti cups & much cheaper. Better color options as well!

This is my current favorite protein powder. I have one serving per day in a smoothie and I love that it’s organic! Garden of Life is a great company.

I didn’t realize how much sweat stings your eyes until buying my Peloton. I get so sweaty and bought these to keep it out of my eyes at least. They work great and they’re cheap!