Day 117 – One Year Spin

Today was one of those days where I had unlimited time to do whatever I wanted, and I chose to spend an hour and 20 minutes of that time on the bike! AT’s ride was a tough one but I loved it. I always love Club Bangers. I felt like this ride was more difficultContinue reading “Day 117 – One Year Spin”

Day 116 – One Year Spin

Yay for my day off! This morning my little buddy & I went to the trampoline park. We had a ton of fun and both got really sweaty from so much jumping. My Apple Watch clocked most of it as exercise, so I had 28 minutes toward my 30 minute exercise goal when we left.Continue reading “Day 116 – One Year Spin”

Day 115 – One Year Spin

Today was one of the best kind of days! My dad came over to hang out with his grandson and gave me a few hours of his time to let me exercise in the morning and then work for a little bit. I knew I’d be going harder this weekend so I took it sortaContinue reading “Day 115 – One Year Spin”

Day 114 – One Year Spin

I went for a longer Power Zone Max ride today! It went so well. The hard thing about the PZ classes is that since you stay in your own individual power zones, you can’t really pay attention to the leaderboard rankings. Your designated output is going to be very different than everyone else’s, so youContinue reading “Day 114 – One Year Spin”

Day 113 – One Year Spin

Today was difficult to get all of my responsibilities done, but I still managed my workout. It was a 45 minute power zone ride. For some reason I was really nervous to tackle these in the first place, but the way the trainers ease you into the higher zones and give you adequate recovery timeContinue reading “Day 113 – One Year Spin”

Day 112 – One Year Spin

I had a little extra time today to work out since I worked later last night, so I decided to go for a Power Zone Max class for the first time. I chose a 20 minute length so I wouldn’t be dying for longer, but with the way the classes are programmed I will definitelyContinue reading “Day 112 – One Year Spin”

Day 111 – One Year Spin

Today was an interesting day: I took two new class types! This was my first “Power Zone” ride. I’ve done the power zone endurance rides before, which focus on zones 2-3, but the power zone rides focus on zones 3-5. I was initially intimidated by these rides and too nervous to try them for aContinue reading “Day 111 – One Year Spin”

Day 110 – One Year Spin

Happy Saturday, everyone! I did one ride already today then clocked in, waiting a bit before I do ride #2. Kendall is so much fun! She gives a tough workout, and this ride put me over 50 miles for the month (it’s only the 4th!) The other two EDM Trap rides were what I neededContinue reading “Day 110 – One Year Spin”

Day 109 – One Year Spin

Today was definitely one for the books! First of all, these Verzuz rides are FUN. There were several points of time where I looked at the clock and realized 5 minutes or more had gone by. I just felt so good and Kendall’s energy is really contagious. The rest I chose as “fun” rides too,Continue reading “Day 109 – One Year Spin”

Day 108 – One Year Spin

I’ve had a bit of personal drama this week… ex-husband, babysitter issues, the usual… but I somehow still was able to get my work hours in! I finished them tonight just in time for my one day off this week. I honestly love tabata. There’s no comparison to the feeling afterwards. It’s really difficult, bothContinue reading “Day 108 – One Year Spin”