Why you should buy a Peloton!

Obviously, I can’t adequately express how much I love my Peloton. I’m going to do my best! A Peloton is so much more than an exercise bike. I’ve had exercise equipment before that sat in the corner of my room collecting dust. This is NOT that piece of equipment. They have a 30 day moneyContinue reading “Why you should buy a Peloton!”

Exercise Motivation for Exercise-Haters! [Day 72]

I’m a big advocate of taking baby steps toward a goal and having an “every little bit counts” mindset. The best way to reach a large goal is to separate it into smaller significant and achievable goals and focus on those; the finish line isn’t going anywhere, you can forget about it for now. HereContinue reading “Exercise Motivation for Exercise-Haters! [Day 72]”

Day 70

How tired can a person be? How long until they fall over dead? Asking for a friend. 😣 My kiddo was up a bunch in the middle of the night, the longest stretch being from 1:00 to 2:30AM, and he ended up sleeping in my bed. I think he was just scared and probably stressedContinue reading “Day 70”

Day 69

I can’t even explain how much better I feel today. My son woke up hungry and asked for food. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my entire life, but he’s doing really amazing today. He’s such a trooper after the week he’s had! My family came through in my time of needContinue reading “Day 69”

Day 68

Despite my ex-husband not being very involved, I have the most support I’ve ever had in my life from my family and friends. My parents are everything; they’d do anything for me and for my son. They came to the hospital to sit with him while I went home and slept for about 4 hours.Continue reading “Day 68”

Day 66

I love this quote. It’s something I’ve experienced first-hand over the last few years. Your brain does whatever it can to get your body to stop being uncomfortable. Running was more of a mind game for me than anything else. Thankful Peloton isn’t as much of a mind game; I enjoy it quite a bitContinue reading “Day 66”