Day 142 & 143 – One Year Spin

I have not been good about writing the last week, have I? Oops!

The 45 minute ride on Friday was pretty great. I felt energized and hydrated.

Day 142

Also, look at that! Top 50% 😄

I went to Target and bought additional dumbbells on Friday so I could start working with heavier weights. All I had were 10s so I bought 15s. I am SO SORE today, but that feels good! I’ve been keeping up with just adding in upper body workouts every other day. I think when I tried to add in upper AND lower, it was too much all at once. Just focusing on upper body isn’t too much for my brain so I think I’m more successful keeping up with it. I haven’t been eating great so the last few weeks so I need to figure that out. I hit a plateau and got really frustrated.

Day 143

60 minutes was intimidating, but AT made it fly by! It was a fun ride, tough at times, but I felt great afterwards.

I’m working today until I get my little buddy back from his father’s house, but I’ll fit in a ride somewhere! Not sure what, yet.

Happy Sunday ❤️



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