Day 138 – One Year Spin

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Day 138

I decided to finally try to keep consistent with strength workouts again. Correction, upper body strength workouts. I tried to do some lower body and my legs were so fatigued from the workout that cycling felt terrible, so I didn’t keep up with it.

I’m not very knowledgeable about nutrition; I know the basics like eat your vegetables and be in a caloric deficit, but I have been in a deficit for over two months now. My weight hasn’t moved in two weeks and it’s so frustrating! I lost about 12lb initially but it feels like it has completely stalled. I tried to do research on it today but there’s so much conflicting information out there that I’m just not entirely sure what I should be doing. I decided to just keep doing what I’m doing but try to eat more veggies and less “fun” food, even when it’s within my calories.

Bed time 🙂



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