Day 136 & 137 – One Year Spin

I feel FANTASTIC! But, before that explanation, here is yesterday.

Day 136

I wanted something moderate, not too easy but not too hard. This was pretty fun! I didn’t love all the songs, but power zone classes are distracting enough to keep within the zone that the music doesn’t entirely matter. It was probably necessary to keep it light; I was pretty wiped out from the Magic Kingdom!

And now for today!

Day 137

This class was HARD!! I pushed myself and did super well. I beat my previous personal record for a 45 minute class. My previous record was 372kj, but today I hit 407kj. The sweat steady classes are always a serious challenge and I love how they make me feel! I almost always feel like I’m going to throw up at the end, but then I start feeling amazing. I highly recommend these if you want a new record, high calorie burn, higher heart rate, or just a new challenge. I will take these every time I have a chance!

My post-Sweat Steady face!

Happy Saturday, friends!



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