Day 128 – One Year Spin

I did a quick one today! Just 30 minutes.

At the end he made me do 8 15-second intervals at level 7 and it was really brutal, but the nice thing about power zone classes is that the warm up is so long that you aren’t doing crazy things the entire length of the class.

I still felt really accomplished. I was reflecting today on my relationship with my ex-husband. While I was pregnant I had an elliptical and if I only did 30 minutes he would ask when I was going to start doing 45. If I didn’t have crazy erratic breathing he’d say I wasn’t doing enough. Living with constant discouragement can have such a deep effect on you without even realizing- I couldn’t be more thankful to be divorced.

Look at me now! I love cardio and I willingly choose Tabata or other difficult classes. I hate “only” being able to ride for 30 minutes. That used to be my stopping point. I’m just so much happier now and I feel like I could accomplish anything.

Have a good night you guys!



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