126 & 127 – One Year Spin

Oops, I didn’t post yesterday! I’ve been getting a lot done around the house and taking care of a lot of things and I might’ve forgotten.. forgive me?

Day 126

Here’s what I did yesterday. It’s weird because it’s 45 minutes of sustained intervals at zones 3 and 4 levels, but I don’t feel completely beat at the end of it. I feel energized! I’ve only taken one of the Power Zone Max classes, but I believe I felt the same after that class too. Just something about the way it’s programmed I guess. I should take the FTP test again soon and see how I do!

Day 127

This class was kinda awesome. He did it a bit differently than the classic tabata of 4 minute rounds, 8 rounds per block. The ending had much harder blocks, high cadence with a relatively high resistance. It was rough, but it felt amazing! I might try to do a long power zone class tomorrow to recover from the intense intervals of tabata.

AT is a lot of fun, so I had to attempt it when I saw he did a tabata class. I think I did pretty well!

My kiddo & I have a play date with my friend & her son, so we’re doing that during dinner and I’ll be clocking in at bed time. I’m closing in on being done with hours sometime tomorrow so I’m happy about that, too.

Move a little today, friends!



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