Day 123 – One Year Spin

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 32! 3 years ago today I had the worst birthday of my life; my ex-husband was in the midst of an affair and I was about 9 weeks pregnant. It was the worst time in my life.

Today, reflecting on that time, I feel so happy and thankful. My life is better than ever, my son is wonderful, my family and friends are amazing… what can I even complain about?

Oh yeah. The ex-husband. But not today! 😂

So… yeah. Needless to say, I went insane. I decided to ride 32 miles on my 32nd birthday! I took two live classes but no shoutout for me. I forgive them! Sort of. 🙂

Headed out to have a drink with some friends tonight and I’m excited! Feeling great and happy to see my loved ones. Have a great weekend!



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