Day 121 – One Year Spin

I didn’t sleep well last night and man could I feel it when I got on the bike. I get so sluggish, it made me feel really sad. I remember thinking about how I could have done better, and then I thought about how differently I take those things to heart. When I do well on a ride I’m happy about it. I enjoy the moment and know that some days are good and some are bad, and that doing well means progress overall. But for some reason if I don’t do so well, I seem to think in the moment that I’m regressing or that “cycling isn’t for me” or something dramatic like that. Maybe it’s normal to feel discouraged at that point, but it really affects me a lot and I need to cut that out.

I had a bit of a time crunch today too, but I got it done. I filled the rest of my exercise ring by dancing around the living room with my kiddo. 🙂



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