Day 117 – One Year Spin

Today was one of those days where I had unlimited time to do whatever I wanted, and I chose to spend an hour and 20 minutes of that time on the bike!

Day 117

AT’s ride was a tough one but I loved it. I always love Club Bangers. I felt like this ride was more difficult in comparison than some of the others I’ve taken, but I kept up really well and felt great about it.

The PZ Endurance ride was low enough output that I could keep it going right after the club bangers ride, but still burned a great amount of calories. It was a good transition between rides, too, because I always feel really great after those rides.

My first ride’s rank

I was pretty excited to be somewhere between the 1st half and 1st third of the rankings. I felt like I did my best and my best isn’t too bad at all!

Happy Saturday, my friends!



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