Day 116 – One Year Spin

Yay for my day off! This morning my little buddy & I went to the trampoline park. We had a ton of fun and both got really sweaty from so much jumping. My Apple Watch clocked most of it as exercise, so I had 28 minutes toward my 30 minute exercise goal when we left. We grabbed Chick-fil-A on the way home, snuggled for the last 30 minutes of Wall-E, then I put him in the crib for his nap. The perfect morning.

My sweet boy actually slept today, so I got a free nap time to do whatever I wanted for two hours! I really felt like I needed it. I did 50 minutes on the bike and then got to take a shower that wasn’t limited by my 15-minute break. I was just sitting down with some decaf coffee and a Kodiak Cakes Protein Muffin when he woke up, so we shared the muffin.

Day 116

These rides were a lot of fun. My goal was to just have fun burning some calories today and I’d say I definitely accomplished that. Ally is so uplifting, too. I felt great while riding today and I already can’t wait for tomorrow!

Have a great weekend you guys. Get outside and move a little!



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