Day 114 – One Year Spin

Day 114

I went for a longer Power Zone Max ride today! It went so well. The hard thing about the PZ classes is that since you stay in your own individual power zones, you can’t really pay attention to the leaderboard rankings. Your designated output is going to be very different than everyone else’s, so you can’t let it make you feel bad. Am I trying to convince myself of that right now? Yes.

Anyway. My biggest bone to pick about this whole thing is that Olivia forgot to say the first zone we were going to. I went right to zone 6 because I wasn’t sure, and it was almost 90 seconds before she said it was supposed to be zone 5. Not happy!

Overall, it was a great workout day. I needed the cool down ride right after the PZ Max ride; I was beat. I love how good I feel on a daily basis now, and I’m so happy I bought a Peloton.

Happy Hump Day y’all!



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