Day 112 – One Year Spin

I had a little extra time today to work out since I worked later last night, so I decided to go for a Power Zone Max class for the first time. I chose a 20 minute length so I wouldn’t be dying for longer, but with the way the classes are programmed I will definitely do longer next time. The warmup was 10 minutes long, then for the remaining time, it was 4 rounds of 45 seconds in zone 3 then 15 seconds in zone 6, then 4 additional rounds of 45 seconds in zone 2 then 15 seconds in zone 7. It was tough, but with the recovery time being so long, it was manageable.

Day 112

Tunde really pulled a fast one on me in the second class I chose. First of all, she’s a beast. One of my favorite things about her is that she’s working out and sweating along with you the entire time – she doesn’t get out of her seat and stop riding to hype you up. She does it from the saddle and is experiencing the same things we are. Now I will also say that this ride was not easy. I felt surprisingly energized after the power zone class, but this additional class made it clear that my legs were fatigued.

Overall, great workout day. As soon I stop the bike, I’m noticing how my breathing goes back to normal within 30 seconds, maybe less. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have started this journey!

Happy Monday Evening ❤️



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