Day 111 – One Year Spin

Today was an interesting day: I took two new class types!

Day 111

This was my first “Power Zone” ride. I’ve done the power zone endurance rides before, which focus on zones 2-3, but the power zone rides focus on zones 3-5. I was initially intimidated by these rides and too nervous to try them for a long time. I don’t know why I was so nervous, because I honestly loved it! I love how the trainers focus on what health benefits you’ll have from working these zones. I feel very comfortable in my body in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with appearance or how I feel about how I look. It’s hard to describe, but I just feel great every day!

The second ride was my very first HIIT ride with Peloton. The first little section was 20 on 10 off just like tabata. This was an awesome ride and I’m no longer scared of those. I’ll be choosing them a lot more often.

Happy Sunday everyone!



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