Day 110 – One Year Spin

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I did one ride already today then clocked in, waiting a bit before I do ride #2.

Kendall is so much fun! She gives a tough workout, and this ride put me over 50 miles for the month (it’s only the 4th!)

Day 110

The other two EDM Trap rides were what I needed to push past muscle (or maybe mental) fatigue. I am very proud of my rank on all of the classes today, but especially the middle ride!

Day 110

Not only was my rank just about within the first 1/3 of people, but I also got a personal record for a 15 minute class! It’s always fun to see that happen, especially considering I had the leaderboard off the screen for almost the whole ride. I usually do that during all the rides that aren’t my first of the day so I’m not comparing my more-tired self to other people, but today I brought it back just before the end only to see that I was 1 point behind from my previous personal best! I busted it out at the end and made it.

Have a wonderful Saturday night, my friends! Don’t forget to move your body today and make choices that your future self will thank you for!



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