Day 108 – One Year Spin

I’ve had a bit of personal drama this week… ex-husband, babysitter issues, the usual… but I somehow still was able to get my work hours in! I finished them tonight just in time for my one day off this week.

Day 108

I honestly love tabata. There’s no comparison to the feeling afterwards. It’s really difficult, both mentally and physically, but it’s so worth it. The house ride following was just to get more of a calorie burn in, but it was really fun! Hannah said it was her first house ride, and the mechanics of the class actually turned out to be decently difficult.

I hit my 5000 minute mark yesterday and forgot to mention it so I’m mentioning it now. Thanks for listening.

I can’t say enough how happy I am that I bought a Peloton this May. Best purchase ever. Daily exercise has made me feel so accomplished and makes it so much easier to handle my life. I sleep better in general (aside from being woken up by a toddler) and my brain feels so much more clear. What a difference it makes; I can’t recommend it enough.

Happy Friday Eve!



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