Day 106 – One Year Spin

I didn’t sleep long enough last night, but I DID sleep well while I slept. I felt pretty good when I woke up, which usually means I’m going to have a great workout. That was mostly true today!

Day 105

These power zone endurance classes are very interesting. What I’ve noticed so far is that I never really get out of breath. I start to notice sweat dripping but I’m never feeling like I’m over-exerting myself or like I have to stop. When I finish the ride, I don’t feel overwhelmed or exhausted, I just feel energized. Do I feel AS good as when I go crazy or do a tabata? Maybe not. But I know that all types of workouts are good for specific things and variety is good.

Today also ends up being the last day of the month!

August 2021

I can’t believe I made it past 400 miles in a month. 5 months ago I was struggling to run a mile. Now I’ve discovered that indoor cycling is a safer and more fun alternative and here I am riding 10 miles or more a day.

I honestly feel really good. I know my cardiovascular health has increased; simply existing or just breathing feels really comfortable. I wouldn’t have said it was uncomfortable before, but I really feel great now! I also have noticed a change in my body shape. I should have taken photos; I never do that and always wish I had. My mental state is also great! I feel so much more stable in general, which is crucial considering I’m dealing with a toddler and a narcissistic ex-husband. This has really become part of my life at this point and I never want to miss a day!

260 days to go!



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