Day 103 – One Year Spin

I don’t know what else to say about today other than the fact that I feel AMAZING! I had some chips last night so I thought maybe that’s why, and I should obviously eat more chips… but then I realized because my kiddo is at my ex-husbands house this weekend (😢) that it is more likely because I slept all night, uninterrupted. I prefer the chips theory.

Anyway, it’s amazing how good I feel! My total mileage was 19.41, 70 minutes total. Not too bad for being a total cycling newbie from May 19th!

Day 103

When I saw Jess did a tabata ride, I had to take it. I rested for about 30 minutes after that ride, because it really kicks your butt, then did the other two rides.

I can’t say it enough times: I’m so happy I bought this bike!



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