Day 99 – One Year Spin

Hi guys! 🙂

No sleep again last night, but I am thankful to have parents that help me get work hours or sleep when I’m struggling. My mom took him after work yesterday so I could work early and not be working until midnight, and my dad came to let me work and exercise this morning. I might be a single mom with little involvement from my ex-husband, but I have the best village in the entire world. ❤️

Day 99

Today went pretty well. I liked the upper body workout, but I do need some additional weights eventually I think. The ride was kind of tough to complete the day after working my lower body. The first week is the hardest so I know I’ll get through the soreness! It makes me feel accomplished and I’m excited to see how the addition of regular strength changes my body versus just cardio!

The sweat steady ride was tough as usual, and by the end my legs were screaming. Jess really kills it on those rides. They are TOUGH! But I always feel great afterwards. The country ride was just supposed to be for fun. And it was!

Can’t believe day 100 is tomorrow!



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