Day 97 – One Year Spin


I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. Mine has been tiring but not in a bad way. My little boy isn’t sleeping very well so I haven’t slept all night in about a week. The joys of parenting, am I right?

I did two rides today and they both felt okay. Yesterday I went hard so I knew I wasn’t going to feel top notch, and that’s okay! Like so many things in life, this is for the long game, not to be frustrated and quit.

Day 97

Y’all know how I like to be in the first half of the rankings! Honestly, when I need motivation or just really want to have a ton of fun, AT’s Club Bangers rides are my favorite. He has this awesome energy and is so encouraging. Like borderline tough love, but not quite?

Day 97

I didn’t make it to the first half of the ranks in this one, but I usually don’t on the second ride of the day. I’m okay with that. Mostly. 😂

I’m really loving this challenge so far, and it hardly even feels like a challenge because Peloton is so much fun. I discovered that I could use a Bluetooth speaker with my bike instead of the speaker that comes with it. I have a nice HK Bluetooth speaker so I hooked it up and cranked the volume.

So. Much. Fun.

I will drive up to CycleBar someday and try out a “real” spin class, but for now this is really great. I feel so much better about myself. I’m happier in general and I feel so accomplished from doing this even for the 97 days it’s been so far. My pre-trauma self would never have attempted something like this. OR, if I would have attempted it, I never would have shared it. I’d be too afraid of failing to ever try. So this really is proof of how different I am, and it’s so good. What I gained by losing the narcissist I was married to is incalculable.

I’ll have to do a fun post with more stats for day 100. It’s coming up soon, and so is my 200th ride! Thank you, Peloton, for making me love this so much!



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