Day 95 – One Year Spin

Today was a little different than normal. My first workout was during “nap time” which means my son is just awake in the crib now since he’s decided not to nap most of the time. I miss when it was a guaranteed 2 hours!

Day 95

I didn’t think I was going to get more time in, but grandma came to the rescue! She gave me additional workout time and shower time… literally the best gift to a single mom. 🥰

When I was on there and finished the first ride I thought I was done, but I just wanted to keep on going. So I did! It’s crazy to me that what started out being anxiety over whether or not I’d keep up with this every day actually turned into me not wanting to stop after even 30 or 40 minutes some days.

Day 95

I was particularly proud of this one! Decent ride & decent ranking!

Overall today I did 20.75 miles. Feeling some leg fatigue but overall feeling pretty good. ❤️



270 days to go!

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