Day 91 – One Year Spin

When I woke up today I was looking forward to a longer workout and increasing intensity from yesterday, but today didn’t go as planned and that has to be okay.

This is a way of living, not a temporary workout program. While there are things that do discourage me (like today), I can’t let that derail my commitment to daily exercise. I heard somewhere that quitting because of a setback is like getting a flat tire and slashing the other three because you’re upset. So, today, I made it happen.

My child was awake the whole time and was initially screaming in his crib afraid of thunder. He ended up in the pack-n-play in my bedroom a few feet away from the Peloton. I tried to put him in the crib between the rides but he wasn’t having it. It was a stressful way to work out and I don’t feel like I did my best, but at least I did it.



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