Day 87 – One Year Spin

Today is one of those good-feeling days. I started my first 20 minute ride today and just couldn’t help but keep on going!

Day 87

I don’t have to work until later tonight so it was one of those fun days where I could do as much as I wanted without feeling bad for taking time away from work. It was just one 20 minute ride after another and I really enjoyed them!

The 1:36 “just ride” workout was because when I finished my 3 other rides I was .2 miles away from getting the “gold” achievement for cycling miles. 150 miles in this month as of today, the 12th!


I didn’t do too bad in the rankings, either. Only one of them I was in the lower half, but for the 3rd one I was close to being in the top third!

Overall, I’m feeling great! ❤️ I’m really looking forward to seeing how I feel after a whole year of this.



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