Day 85 & 86: One Year Spin

Day 85

280 Days left!

I did something different today: the FTP test! FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and is meant to test your maximum average output that’s sustainable for one hour. This was interesting as it’s mostly up to you to get your output up as high as you can, they give you a range for cadence but no suggestions for resistance.

Day 85

I somehow pushed myself into a personal record for a 20 minute ride! At the end, my FTP score was 157. I’m looking forward to trying some actual power zone classes this weekend!

Now on to today, Day 86.

Day 86

Someone posted about how much they liked this class, so I decided to give it a shot. I generally prefer shorter classes, even if I do three 20 minute classes I prefer that to one 45 minute class (it’s a mind game). Anyway, this ride was fantastic. It got reeeeeally tough. But I loved it! It was also cool to see the Power Zone Meter underneath my output now. And, to add to my excitement, another personal best output for a 45 minute ride! What a great couple of days for pushing myself and succeeding. I need to remember that these days will always happen, especially on the days I’ve posted about where I don’t do as well. Those will always happen, too. It’s all about consistency and perseverance, not a “warm fuzzy” feeling or daily motivation.

Baby Monitor on, Mom on the bike!

Have a lovey day, y’all!



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