Day 82 – 150 Rides!

Y’all….. I. Feel. AMAZING!

I can’t even explain it. I did two rides today, both of which were fantastic. Both live rides with Jess King. I LOVE her Sweat Steady series. It’s really amazing. It’s one of the hardest classes to get through, maybe even mentally more difficult than tabata, but I feel so good afterward! It’s several long, sustained intervals with the same cadence and resistance whether you’re in or out of the saddle. The intervals are 5-6 minutes and it starts to get really tough to force yourself to keep it up after a while. As usual, your brain wants to give up far before your body needs to.

Day 82 & my 150th ride!

I did really well in the ranks, too! Such a great ride. The next one felt decent as well, despite going so hard in the first ride (seriously I thought I was going to throw up). I will say I didn’t love the playlist in this one. The only song I really enjoyed was a Britney song. It doesn’t matter, it was just easy to continue when there’s two live rides back to back.

Overall, the perfect exercise day. Only problem now is that I’m starving! My dad & bonus mom have my son today so I’m working all day. So thankful for the support I have in my life!

I hope you all are having a beautiful weekend so far! Drink your water, move a little, and take care of yourself. ❤️



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