Day 81

I finally managed to let myself take it easy today! Kind of…

Day 81

The only climb rides I’ve ever done were 10 minutes long. I was feeling semi-sluggish before I got on there so I didn’t want to do a Tabata ride, but I wanted something somewhat substantial.

I didn’t keep to the first half of the ranks, but I didn’t raise the resistance as high as I could have.

This is my 149th ride, so tomorrow is 150! I opted in for a live Jess King ride at 11:30 and I hope she calls out my username for 150!

My body feels really good right now, and breathing feels comfortable. Cardio isn’t the only important aspect of the exercise, but I can’t argue with how good I feel right now. If you have a Peloton, find me on the leaderboard!



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