Day 79!

I’m actually feeling pretty good today! I didn’t sleep enough and I think my kiddo had a bad dream so I was up a little bit, but all things considered today is pretty good!

I decided to do a 20 min Hannah Frankson tabata class and I hit a new personal best for a 20 minute workout!

Classic tabata is a 2:1 work to rest ratio of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Hanna did two blocks of those, one block of 30 seconds on and 15 off, then two rounds of 1 minute on and 30 seconds off. Those one minute pushes were brutal and I was completely dead at the end, but I did my best and that wasn’t too bad! I always like to keep my rank in the first half of people so I did pretty well I’d say. 🙂

Ally Love only does classic tabata of 20:10, and I enjoy her classes, but I really like the variety of Hannah Frankson’s Tabata.

Im also really glad I clicked on that 20 minute country ride. I don’t have my mom’s help with my son this week because she was exposed to covid (better safe than sorry) so time is an issue, and I was SO dead after that tabata class, I changed my original plan of a 30 min ride afterwards to be a 20 minute country ride. I recently complained about my issues trying to keep up with Olivia Amato out of the saddle; I think Ally Love fixed my problem today!

This country ride really focused on proper form during a jog or a run. I’m so happy I found it because apparently my form and thinking were all off when increasing speed on the bike. It’s not a side to side motion when you increase your speed out of the saddle, it’s a front-to-back almost floating motion. I’m actually looking forward to trying an Olivia class with my new information. 😂

There’s a CycleBar in my area and I was going to try a class to see how the in person spin classes are since I’ve never done one; they are EXPENSIVE. It’s $150 a month for unlimited classes! If I ever get my cycling instructor license I’ll be applying there… but wow. It’s even more expensive than CrossFit!

Have a beautiful day everyone!



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