Day 78 – One Year Spin

Well… surprise. I didn’t take it very easy. But I didn’t feel too terrible aside from not getting enough sleep for the last few nights (working until midnight). After 78 days straight of cardio I’m really starting to notice an odd sense of physical comfort. It’s almost like it feels comfortable or good just to breathe.

Day 78

This was actually my first Cody class. I felt like I kept up pretty well, and I was excited to see how well I ranked next to everyone else!

When I finished the Cody ride I was looking for a 15 minute “easy” class. My child did not feel like taking a nap today and I wasn’t sure when he’d start yelling at me so I kept it to shorter rides today. Ally Love’s boss rides are from 2020 and I did not realize what I was getting myself into. It was NOT easy. I did not keep up with her resistance pushes. What a crazy amount of work in 15 minutes! Will I be looking for the other Boss Rides? No. 😂

I did a scenic ride afterwards just to cool down a little bit. It was through Missouri and looked similar to the spot I crossed over the Mississippi River on my road trip. Best trip and memory of my life!

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