Day 77

I’ll be honest, I feel terrible today. Not physically, just emotionally. My son didn’t sleep well last night, he usually doesn’t when he comes back from his father’s house, and I was up for a few hours. There wasn’t anything wrong in particular, he was just upset. So I was up until 2:00 AM and I’m sure that doesn’t help with my mindset.

I’ve also been working on another writing project and it’s very emotional, bringing up some of the stressful things I’ve gone through in the past few years. It’ll be therapeutic eventually, but right now it’s hard to write.

Day 77

I’m not sure why I attempted an Olivia Amato class.. but I’ll say this. I do not like going over 85 cadence out of the saddle. I feel like that’s all she does. I don’t think it’s my fitness level, I just somehow feel very clunky and uncoordinated and completely unable to keep up with her. I was very sluggish in both rides today and that made me sad, but I really love Tabata and I still got a great workout. The second ride was mainly just for fun because I like AT and I wanted to burn a tiny bit more calories. I suppose I accomplished that, but I wasn’t happy with my overall performance.

The biggest takeaway from today is this: just keep going. It doesn’t matter that I felt bad today. It isn’t going to change my end goal and it’s not going to affect whether or not I hop on tomorrow.

Do some movement you enjoy today, and thanks for joining me on this journey!



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