Day 76 – Sunday Funday!

Day 76

This one was a lot tougher than I expected! It could be that I hit a new daily mile record of 18.63 miles yesterday and then went outside to cut the grass in 92 degree heat like a nutcase, but that’s beside the point.

Jess King was VERY motivational in this ride. She seems to know exactly when you feel like giving up! This was also a ride from pre-pandemic times; it was cool to see the other bikes in the room with people on them. The music was great, I “liked” one of the songs (which adds it to my Apple Music peloton playlist). Doing this kind of hard exercise every day feels so good, it’s hard to believe I’ve only had this bike for 2.5 months. My body composition is starting to change, and I think my quads are finally starting to come back (but a bit leaner than when I was going to CrossFit regularly).

Whatever, I’ll take it! Tomorrow is supposed to be my active recovery day. I just hope I stick to it. 😉



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