Day 74 & 75

Fridays are my only day off from work every week, so I usually try to relax and do something fun. My son is at my ex-husband’s house this weekend and that Saturday is my chance to “go hard” on a workout. So that’s the plan!

Day 74

I did that thing where you’re over 30 and you sleep wrong and now something hurts all day, so yesterday didn’t feel too great. But I still got it done, so I’m happy with that! The 60s ride was a lot of fun, and club bangers is always fun.

Today I’m opted in for two live rides with Jess King at 11:30AM. I am excited because she’s always fun, and the sweat steady rides are killer. They’re usually 5 minute long, sustained intervals that require a lot of fighting my urge to slow down.

Day 75

Well I lost track of time and missed the 11:30 Jess King ride (it gives me something to do later) but I made it to her 2nd one and added two other rides. Feeling good, 18.38 miles today! I’m back to work already, maybe I’ll do a stretch later.

Hope everyone has an absolutely lovely weekend!



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