Day 73!

Day 72

This ride was actually a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I was only 5 points away from my personal best output for a 30 minute ride! I had some work hours to catch up on so I decided to cut it “short” at 30 minutes today. Jess King always has fun classes and she’s always motivating. She said something awesome and I remember thinking “I need to write that down” and then I forgot it. Sorry 😂.

My goal is to make it to 9 miles in a 30 minute ride and I accomplished that so I’m satisfied.

293 days to go!



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3 thoughts on “Day 73!

  1. I read a different post first and asked if you were still riding, but with your LB name here I was able to look myself and see that you are. I just followed you. I love the new JKE Badge . . . so pretty. And I loved the story of her outfit – the sunset. I am just like you, I hear stuff they say and I think . . . . “Oh, I love that/its funny/(whatever) I’ll remember so I can tell my husband,” Then I forget. UGH! Oh! There you are following me back. YAY!

      1. I am kinda, too that is why I did a search for “Peloton” in WordPress and I am going to the blogs and reading the posts. I have followed two new people (you and someone else). I am about to go do some yoga/stretching. Sundays are my “rest/recovery days”. Cheers!

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