Day 71

Here’s the biggest tactic I used to use for exercise motivation.

This is what I did every day

I don’t have to do as much work to convince myself to ride the Peloton, but that’s what I did when trudging through workouts I hated in the name of health. Don’t think about the actual workout, just put on the clothes. Tell yourself you don’t HAVE to, just put on the clothes and get ready. 9 times out of 10 I’d end up doing whatever it was.

Today’s workout felt fantastic!

Day 70

I tend to stay on the bike longer when I do a series of shorter classes rather than one or two longer ones. Ally Love is so much fun and the country ride was fantastic. I took it easier (ish) in every other ride but the first one. You know I love me some tabata. The music in Tunde’s 90s hip hop class was excellent. I got a little emotional in the country ride. I’ve felt like that a few times before while riding but today it all came out. It feels so good to feel strong and proud of myself and the hard work I’ve been putting in. I used to think losing my ex-husband was the worst thing that could happen to me, but it turned out to be the actual best thing that’s ever happened to me (aside from having this cool kiddo to hang out with). My life is the best, even with the struggles. And now I catch myself looking up cycling instructor certifications. If you’d known me 4 years ago and heard me say that, you’d think I’d lost my mind. I guess I just lost my OLD mind. And I needed to. 😉

Keep up the good work, my friends. In the wise words of Rodney Atkins: “if you’re going through hell, keep on goin’!”



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