Day 70

How tired can a person be? How long until they fall over dead? Asking for a friend. 😣

My kiddo was up a bunch in the middle of the night, the longest stretch being from 1:00 to 2:30AM, and he ended up sleeping in my bed. I think he was just scared and probably stressed from all that happened the past week. The good news is that he’s eating and drinking normally. The bad news is that I can barely function. Normally I’d clock in early to get a head start on work. I couldn’t even manage to even open my eyes for a while. But the good news is my mom is taking him for a little while after she’s off work. I’m trying to decide when to do my 20 minutes of Peloton. I can either nap during nap time and do it later, or get it out of the way and possibly nap when my mom takes him… I don’t know. I know this stage of life is so short and has such sweet moments, but I’m so tired. I just want a little bit of a break.

Day 70

I honestly love tabata. It’s tough but there’s nothing like that feeling when you’re done with it. I always aim to be in the first half of the rank and this wasn’t too bad!

Day 70

This was live today. I didn’t have much energy to keep up after the tabata, but I still got a good workout and enjoyed it quite a bit. Hannah Frankson is a lot of fun! Always fun music and a great workout. I like to think her and I would be friends if we met.. turns out she was born the same year as me!

The key for me, every single day, is to not decide in the morning that I don’t feel like working out. I honestly NEVER feel like working out when I first wake up. I just trick myself into “deciding later.” Whatever works, right?

295 days to go!



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