Day 68

Despite my ex-husband not being very involved, I have the most support I’ve ever had in my life from my family and friends. My parents are everything; they’d do anything for me and for my son. They came to the hospital to sit with him while I went home and slept for about 4 hours. Woke up at 12:30PM, now it’s 2:15. They brought him home about 30 mins ago. He was very dehydrated and wouldn’t eat or drink to re-hydrate himself. My poor boy was stuck in the arm 4 times and ALMOST needed a straight cath because he was given a ton of fluid and wouldn’t pee. Anyway, after all that, we’re back home and I’m back to work.

Somehow, I worked out today anyway. I have never felt as stressed as I have this week. I think I’d rather be cheated on while I was pregnant again than go through my kiddo being sick or in pain. He’s currently feeling better, drinking fluids, and even eating a little bit. I am so thankful. Thank God!!!

Day 68

Usually when I set out to “take it easy” I don’t really do that; I go harder than I should and it makes me feel worse. But today, I’m proud. I listened to what my body needed but still got a workout in. Even after spending the night and morning at the hospital and having to catch up on sleep during the day.

As a good friend used to say: be well, my friends!



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