Day 66

One of my favorite Peloton Trainers

I love this quote. It’s something I’ve experienced first-hand over the last few years. Your brain does whatever it can to get your body to stop being uncomfortable. Running was more of a mind game for me than anything else. Thankful Peloton isn’t as much of a mind game; I enjoy it quite a bit more than running.

Today is going to be rough. My son stopped throwing up, but last night it started coming out the other end. 🙁 I changed 5 diapers last night between bed time and midnight, and he woke up needing comfort a few times after that. I am so tired I just don’t know how I’m going to function today. I did decide to take PTO for the rest of the week and I’ll just start fresh working Saturday morning. I suppose this is what PTO is for, I just usually like to save it for fun things or emergencies. I guess this is just another type of emergency. I don’t perform efficiently when I’m this exhausted so maybe it’s for the best.

As far as working out today, I’m honestly considering doing the minimum amount of time (20 minutes) that I committed to for this challenge. I hate doing only 20 minutes, but I think I might die if I don’t take a nap. Considering just waiting until bed time, but that doesn’t sound too good either… but then I could nap at nap time and feel better by bed time… I don’t know. I’ll figure it out!

Day 65

Not my worst work, but definitely not my best either. I was debating taking a nap during nap time and working out when my son goes to bed, but I decided to work out during nap time and go to bed early instead. I’m so tired, but it is what it is! I got it done. I felt pretty good until I had about 17 mins left and I just hit a wall. I normally keep up with the instructors (except Olivia Amato, she might be an exercise robot) but today I just couldn’t do it. Again, I still got a great workout in, so it’s okay. 🙂

My eyes are going to be half closed until bed time; I’m counting down already!



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