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In 2016 I decided to do the Couch to 5k program. I wanted to make regular exercise part of my life as well as be able to run 5 kilometers, so I did the program as written and accomplished my goal in January of 2017. Let me just tell you… I was slow as all get out and I HATED it.

Earlier this year, I went to the doctor for a regular check-up and my blood pressure was a little high. It turned out to only be high because of nerves (what a catch-22, right?) but I still didn’t want the fear of high blood pressure making my blood pressure too high… I didn’t want it to be close enough for that to happen. So I did what I said I’d never do: I started the couch to 5k program again.

Up until the initial quarantine and the gyms closed I was able to get to CrossFit. When everything shut down I continued working out from home, CrossFit style workouts, but eventually I couldn’t exercise with my son sleeping any more (needed nap time to work) and I couldn’t throw around a barbell with a toddler running around. It led me to several months with very intermittent exercise. I would occasionally do beachbody videos, mostly from Shaun T’s programs, but it didn’t hold my interest enough and the impact of jumping on tile was often a hinderance to my progress.

When I restarted Couch to 5k this time, everything was different. I lived with a lot of discouragement when I was still married and I didn’t realize what a toll this had taken on my ability to function. I was pushing a stroller this time around and still faster and more successful than before. I progressed up to 2.5 miles straight before injuring my knee.

This led me to really look into some other home options for exercise. I couldn’t handle the daily impact of running. Florida is HOT. If I waited too late in the day I just couldn’t go. If my son didn’t feel like riding in the stroller, I couldn’t go. If it was raining, I couldn’t go. If my knee hurt, I couldn’t go.

Enter Peloton! None of those issues are barriers to exercise any longer. Not only did it eliminate problems that came with exercise, but it actually did the opposite for me. I genuinely look forward to getting in a great workout every day. The trainers are fun and class types are enough that every day can be different. I am so genuinely happy I made this purchase.


the previous queen of not exercising

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