Day 63!

Since I need to play “catch up” from the last several days, I’ll do a quick recap of this past weekend.

Day 59

Doing a live ride with the fastest man in the world was awesome. He very quickly doubled my output, but I caught up a little bit. His official rank was 314. I’m just happy he didn’t completely double my output and that I was in the first half of the rank. Not too bad, and I got a personal best for a 30 min ride!

Day 60

Lots of people try to make their “milestone” rides work with a live ride with their favorite instructor. I wanted to, but ultimately I had to do what fit into my schedule, and I didn’t want to do less exercise because I was waiting for a name call out. There will be plenty more opportunities for that!

Day 61

I try to go harder on the weekends since those are the only days I have guaranteed childcare (minus the one weekend my ex-husband didn’t want to take our son because our son was sick and he didn’t want him or his girlfriend to miss work.. he did take him last minute but it doesn’t help for planning purposes), so Mondays should really be my recovery days.

These two rides were both live and I enjoyed them so much! Jess King’s Sweat Steady rides are tough but always worth it. Alex Toussaint’s Club Bangers rides are so much fun; the music is motivating just as much as he is as a person.

Day 62

This was my first ever 60 minute ride. Ally Love has this way of making you feel like she genuinely cares about YOUR individual progress and how well you do in the ride. She stares at the camera RIGHT AT YOU and somehow knows exactly when to say “don’t quit now” or “don’t touch that resistance!”

Today is Day 63. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like doing anything today. My son came home sick from his father’s house and didn’t sleep well, so of course that means I didn’t sleep well. I think I was up until 4:00AM. I suppose I should be thankful because I needed to do my continuing education credits for my medical billing/coding certification, so we just cuddled in my bed all morning with my iPad and I powered through. I’ll never complain about snuggles with my best guy ❤️ I’m going to take it easy today on the bike despite how much I don’t want to take it easy.

Day 63

Originally, I was just going to do the one 20 minute ride, but then after riding 20 minutes I felt like doing more. That’s been my experience every time I try to stick to a shorter time. The small score next to the circle underneath my output is what Peloton calls “strive score” and is based on 5 heart rate zones. As you can see, I kept it in the green & yellow, which is pretty low. I did not push myself, so even though I rode for longer than planned, I will still call it recovery. Jess King pointed out that every successful athlete has a recovery day, so I suppose I should listen.

I’m currently snuggling with a sick kiddo and I didn’t have time to shower before he woke up crying. I’m glad he doesn’t mind the smell. 😳



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